AAAI Video Competition 2016

AAAI is pleased to announce the continuation of the AAAI Video Competition, now entering its tenth year. The video competition will be held in conjunction with the AAAI-16 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, February 12-17, 2016:

At the award ceremony, authors of award-winning videos will be presented with “Shakeys”, trophies named in honour of SRI’s Shakey robot and its pioneering video. Top videos will be screened during the award ceremony and throughout the conference.

The goal of the competition is to show the world how much fun AI is by documenting exciting artificial intelligence advances in research, education, and application. View previous entries and award winners at or watch last year’s videos on YouTube:

The rules are simple: Compose a short video about an exciting AI project, and narrate it so that it is accessible to a broad online audience. We strongly encourage student participation.

To increase reach, select videos will be uploaded to YouTube and promoted through social media (twitter, facebook, g+) and major blogs in AI and robotics. Last year’s videos were viewed over 1 million times!

We will also be running a “People’s Choice Award” where viewers on internet can vote for their favorite AI video.

The AAAI Video Competition is also an ideal opportunity to give further visibility to contributions presented at AAAI-16. We therefore welcome videos associated with manuscripts submitted to AAAI-16, and will make sure to publicize your paper in the video proceedings and during the award ceremony.